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Pokemon began in Japan as a group of unique Pocket Monsters that battled each other at the command of their trainer. It’s a fantastic adventure the world of Pokemon where kids become trainers and the master of the Pokemon.

The Pokemon were creatures that had special abilities. The Pokemon battles do not allow any dirty tricks and the follow a rigid set of rules. Pokemon battles never ever end with death of a Pokemon. The battle is a success when the creatures faint. They are then rushed to Pokemon Center for recovery where they are placed in a Poke Ball. The game is one of cooperation and team spirit.

It’s a game that requires skill and challenges the trainer to be a thinker. It’s fun but educational. It’s addictive but healthy. It’s a phenomenon. It’s an incredible adventure that has heroes travel the world discovering amazing things.

Pokemon Video Games

The original Pokémon games were Japanese RPGs with an element of strategy, and were created by Satoshi Tajiri for the Game Boy. These role-playing games, and their sequels, remakes, and English language translations, are still considered the "main" Pokémon games, and the games which most fans of the series are referring to when they use the term "Pokémon games". All of the licensed Pokémon properties overseen by The Pokémon Company are divided roughly by generation. These generations are roughly chronological divisions by release; every several years, when an official sequel in the main RPG series is released that features new Pokémon, characters, and gameplay concepts, that sequel is considered the start of a new generation of the franchise. The main games and their spin-offs, the anime, the manga, and the trading card game are all updated with the new Pokémon properties each time a new generation begins. The franchise is in its fourth generation.

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